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Another birthday party idea.

For my son’s third birthday he wanted to celebrate with Buddy from Dinosaur Train, the PBS series.

Dinosaur train

I started with this cute invitation.  I made the head of Buddy with trusty Cameo.  I downloaded the little train from the Silhouette Cameo store.


I painted Buddy and the Conductor on some poster board so everyone could have their pictures made with the Dinosaur Train characters.

IMG_3179  I used a Wilton cake pan to make the train cake.  I decorated with candy and it was totally fun.  I used a lot of my son’s train toys for additional decorations.


IMG_8725Finally for an activity, I drew various dinosaurs on poster board and colored them in.  I hung them all over our large yard.  I made a Pteranodon Station sign for the front porch and gave everyone tickets.  The kids loaded up into a trailer attached to a UTV…..The Dinosaur Train….and rode all over looking for and finding all the dinosaurs.

It’s amazing what you can do with some paper and some markers to make a great party.  It wasn’t expensive but the kids had a terrific time.

This was a quApple Cakeballsick and easy Teacher Appreciation gift I made for some of my friends that are teachers.

I made some Oreo balls (Squished up Oreos and a brick of cream cheese)

Hint:  When the balls are shaped, put them in the fridge until they are really cold.  

Melt some red chocolate (I got the colored chips at Hobby Lobby)

Hint: If the chocolate isn’t thin enough add some Crisco, it thins the chocolate, but still allows the chocolate to solidify again

Use a Pretzel stick for the stem and some green frosting.

I got the cute little bucket in the dollar aisle at Target and added the vinyl sticker I made on my Cameo.  Pretty cute and tasty too.

Hey Chirpers, welcome back!

I’ve wanted to try one of those giant rulers to use as a growth chart for a while. I thought my Dad’s 65th birthday would be a great time to try.  He’s very handy and crafty so I thought he’d really like it.Ruler3

I’ve seen them all over the interwebs and I wanted to try my hand at them.   I didn’t want to do all the measuring to make sure I got it all right, so I looked on and many people offer kits to make these, usually made with vinyl decals.  I have a Silhouette Cameo, as you all know, and I thought for sure, I can find a template and cut them myself.

Low and behold I found the following site:

Check out her other projects, too…..CUTE!!!

She provides terrific instructions for how to make it as well.


  • Pine Board 1″ X 8″ X 6′ (I went with the more expensive $19 board because it didn’t require sanding)
  • Stain
  • Polyurethane
  • Old Tshirt (for staining)
  • Brush
  • Vinyl (I used the Paper Studio brand from Hobby Lobby)
  • Decorative stones
  • Power Grip (To glue down the stones)


First I stained the board using a light stain.  You could use any color you like, but I thought since you’ll probably want to write the children’s heights on there — you’ll want to be able to see the writing.  The board didn’t need sanding and I used an old t-shirt to apply the stain.

Next I cut out the vinyl — using my Silhouette Cameo and the download file from the link above.  I also cut out all the kids names to run down the side — you could really do anything you’d like to personalize it!


After using transfer paper — you want to make sure that things are straight as possible.  Then I laid down the polyurethane gently over the top using a short paint brush.  This will ensure that the stickers don’t peel up over time!  My 5 year old son (big Red) wanted to help, so each time I laid down a section — He pulled off the transfer paper.  He was so slow and methodical about it.  It was so sweet.  After we got it all laid down he picked up some glass stones and put them between each name — he even picked each one of the colors himself.  He was so sweet and so loves helping.  I love the way it turned out.


I’ve been looking for something to put over my mirror in my room.  My room is in Orange and I just couldn’t find something I really love.  I am a proud alumna of Kappa Delta sorority.   I have always loved our open motto “Ta Kala Diokommen” – “Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest”.

I modified that a bit for my sign



I painted a wooden sign in some fun colors to match my bedroom.  Added the words by cutting them out on Cameo and modge podge’d them onto the sign.  Then I added some fun metal flowers that I got at Hobby Lobby.  I love the final look.  I hope you like it too.




Little red turned 3 in February and she wanted a Minnie Mouse party.  So I gave her one.  Complete with Minnie Mouse Lollies, Minnie Mouse oreo balls, Minnie Mouse rice krispie treats.  My friend @rachel helped me and brought over her chocolate bow mold.  It made everything so cute.

Here’s some pics:

IMG_0427 IMG_0428 IMG_0429 IMG_0430 IMG_0431 IMG_0432 IMG_0433 IMG_0434 IMG_0435 IMG_0436 IMG_0437


Tonight I’ve been working on my Razorback gear for the upcoming season since it starts on SATURDAY!!  WOOOOOO PIG SOOOOIE.

Take a look at these 2 Little Red Bird Originals that I made with handy dandy Silhouette Cameo, an iron and my sewing machine!!!!


Hog Scarf

Can’t wait to wear them!

I often make my own invitations for my kid’s birthday parties and friends and family get-togethers. Basically I hate my hand-writing so I don’t like handwritten invites and if I’m going to print them out on my printer I just can’t resist embellishing them. I have so many different papers and embellishments in my craft room I can usually throw something pretty cute together with just what I have on hand.

G’s mom recently moved into a new home after almost 30 years. She’s pretty excited and wants to have a Housewarming party and a blessing by her priest at her new home. She asked me to make invites for her. These I threw together and I think they came out pretty cute.


For the base of the card I just used a 5 x 7 white cardstock. I used my Cameo to cut out the house outlines and the heart at the top. The graphics I created from scratch and didn’t purchase from Silhouette.

I used matte grey for the bottom house, a textured purple/lavender for the top house and some really cute patterned red paper for the heart. I printed the invites with my inkjet printer using purple ink.  On the backs of the cardstock I printed out my 2 Little Red Birds logo.

Note:   I blanked out the personal information for privacy

Trying to implement my newly created brand, I wrapped them up cute with a purple ribbon and a 2 Little Red Birds tag

Invite 1

Lemme know what you think.



My brother and sister-in-law just bought this amazing new house!  They have 3 boys so they wanted to do something “BOY” in the main bathroom, so M suggested Arkansas Razorbacks.  Now M has awesome taste in paint colors and picked out this amazing gray color.  While we were at Home Depot buying paint, I found a painters drop cloth that really went well with the paint color and it was only $5.00.  It was the PERFECT size for a shower curtain.  I immediately had a vision and offered to make a shower curtain for them.  I was first going to applique a large red and white chevron hog in the middle of the curtain, but when I pinned it all up on my wall of my craft room — it just wasn’t right.  After looking at it for about 48 hours, I decided to put the big black grommets in and take a stab at free-hand paiting a Hog.  What the heck right, if it sucked I was only out $5.00.

I LOVE the way the Hog turned out.  I used regular acrylic paints in which I mixed a fabric paint medium.  Basically it made it fabric paint.  I drew out the basic outline of the Hog — but from there it was pretty much free-hand all the way.  When we hung the curtain though, it was too short…..good thing I already had that awesome Red and White Chevron material on hand.  It made a perfect accent to the shower curtain and I could make it just long enough.  Sister-in-law bought some great black grommet topped curtain panels to accent the shower curtain and I used some left-over chevron to make the tie backs.  Here is the final product.

(Note:  It still needs to be steamed to get the wrinkles out, but we just hung it up)

Shower Curtain

Have I mentioned yet how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Silhouette Cameo???  Well I do, I love it almost as much as my Ipod and my Ipad!  Ih have had so much fun making various things, fabric appliques, invitations, about a million vinyl projects.

So here is the Fight Song that I made for the bathroom as well.  I think it looks GREAT agains the Gray walls.  I love buying cheap picture frames and taking the backs off to make great wall hangings.

Fight Song

(Please forgive the picture……since it’s crooked and a reflection in it!)

I can’t wait to make another one of these…….using the different fonts was so much fun!

Hope you like my Razorback bathroom, my nephews sure do!