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Another invitation.

I found this inspiration on Pinterest  ( )and decided that since there were just a handful to make — that I could make them by hand and add some 3D embellishments to them.

Chandler invite

I made the panda shapes with Silhouette Design Studio.  It’s really a very simple design, only 3 pieces, very easy to put together.  I used a white marker for the eyeball.  I designed and printed the invitation using Microsoft Word.  Then I created the tree using a Cherry Blossom stamp I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  I used brown ink for the stamp and then some cute flowers  in shades of pink for some more pops of color.     I absolutely love how they turned out.

The matching cake from Julies Sweet Shoppe in Conway, Arkansas was not only super to cute….but delicious as well.

Chandler cake

This Little Piggy

I was inspired by a cute picture frame I found on Pinterest.  I decided to go ahead and make some for my friends having babies!  I used a wooden picture frame that I got at Michaels and some acrylic paint.  I also used a black paint pen for the outlines.  I hate my handwriting so I went ahead and used my trusty Cameo to cut out the words!!

For some extra pizzazz, and for a little girl, add a bow to the Piggy’s head.  I wish I had a picture of it!

Happy Mother’s Day, chirpers!


I’ve been working on a fun project that is Pinterest inspired.  (OH my Pinterest addiction!!!)

Being Catholic I adore my Rosaries.  I have several, ones I’ve bought, ones that were gifts, and some that are hand-made.  They are all very special to me and bring me special memories.  After seeing this handmade Rosary on Pinterest, I just knew I had to make one for my Mom for Mother’s Day.  It works out perfect actually – because she has 5 grandkids – one for each decade!!

This is the diagram I used to make sure that I got format correct.

Diagram of Rosary

I added the names in the middle of each decade with the birthstone stones in between each letter.  I used varied beads and different crosses – all that I found at Hobby Lobby.  I played around with it until I got it the way I wanted it to look.  I used medium strength beading string and crimping beads to hook the ends.  I used a combination of metal and glass beads for the look I achieved.

I loved the way it turned out so much,  I went ahead and made a second one for my Sister In Law!Rosary1

I hope you enjoy.

Chirpers —

As you’ve all probably guessed already –  I love some decorative crosses.  I have a whole wall of them in my house.  I finally broke down and created a new board on Pinterest — Crosses to capture all my inspirations.

Feel free to follow my boards on Pinterest:

I found an inspiration picture and wanted to try it out — a more rustic one…. It had glass flat bottom marbles and pebbles.

I searched on the interwebs on how to make it happen, I found this great tutorial:

Here’s how mine turned out:



  • 2 unfinished wood crosses  Hint:  GO BIG
  • Decorative Cross
  • Hammered Bronze Spray paint
  • Pebbles
  • Flat Bottom Marbles
  • Power Grip
  • Stucco
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Sponge Brush

First I spray painted the unfinished crosses a base color — hammered bronze.  Then I used the stucco that I bought at and mixed it with some acrylic paint to give it some color.  I just used a brown color and mixed it until I liked the color and felt like it matched the pebbles pretty well.  In the example, they painted over the stucco when it was too wet — but I liked mixing it with the paint first.  I dabbed in onto the cross with a sponge brush.  It takes about half of the container.


I placed the 2nd smaller cross right into the stucco.  I placed the pebbles and the glass right into the stucco — you have to make sure you have enough so that the pebbles and the stones sit right down into the stucco. Don’t worry if the stucco gets on the pebbles or the glass — be careful, but when it’s dry it can be easily scraped off.

WARNING:  Watch the thickness of the stucco on the edges, because if it’s not thick enough the pebbles will fall off

Don’t worry if things hang off the edges a little bit.  I let everything dry for over 24 hours.

Finally – I placed the decorative cross on the top using the Power Grip.

WARNING:  This sucker is heavy, but totally worth it

After everything was dry — I cleaned it all up with Windex!


Hey Chirpers.

I know it’s been a while.  But here I am back with the Valentine’s day projects I made for the kids.

Everyone knows my love for Pinterest, but some of you might not know my love for Asian food.

This year I went with the Fortune cookies.  They were soooo easy to make, I was suprised.  These are from the Martha Stewart Show:

It was really easy as pie.  Simple ingredients:

Felt, wire cutters, floral wire, ribbon, glue and a message

I went with the pink and the red and just a simple little message.  Happy Valentines Day from Little Red or Big Red as applicable 🙂  I did do colored ink just for fun.



For the class snack, I went with the chocolate covered strawberries.  I love this snack because it takes all of about 15 minutes to make.

All you need is meltable chocolate, strawberries and a microwave.

First I clean the strawberries, leaving the tops on.

Slowly melt the chocolate in the microwave following instructions.

HINT:  If you chocolate doesn’t get thin enough…add Crisco.  This thins in out, but also allows the chocolate to harden back up.  It won’t re-harden with oil or milk.

Then I just dip and let dry.

Fast, easy and delicious.  MUCH cheaper than purchasing them in the store.

If you’re so inclined, add drizzles of white or pink chocolate for a more fancy look.



Until next time….OXOX

I met this awesome woman via Faulkner County Circle of Friends.  She’s funny and smart and has a huge heart.   She recently joined Delta Sigma Theta.  Ella6The Delta mascot is the elephant and I found a really great free pattern on Pinterest that I wanted to make.

It’s really important to pay attention to the fine print, however.  This little elephant ended up being twice the size she should have been because I didn’t pay attention to this little statement:

Pattern uses UK terminology.

WHOOOOOPS!!!!!!  It’s important to note that UK and US terminology ARE different.  Thus why my elephant is bigger 😉

chain(ch) chain(ch)
single crochet (sc) double crochet (dc)
double crochet (dc) treble (tr)
half double crochet (hdc) half treble (htr)
triple crochet (trc) double treble (dtr)
slip stitch (sl st) slip stitch (sl st)

She turned out super cute though.  I did add a few of my own touches.   Some fun hair on her head, some special definition on her trunk and some African Violets the Delta’s flower on her booty just to make her super special.  I think she’ll be loved.

Ella1ella3Ella5 Ella4



Another easy but SOOOOO cute pattern.  I found this one on

I found the pattern here:

I made one slight modification — I only did 7 rows of shells instead of 8 simply because I only had 6 buttons instead of 8.   I picked up some really cute metal buttons at

I used Lion Brand wool-ease that I got from Michaels.  I think they turned out great and will be fabulous for my $5.00 gift exchange!!!

Here they are:


As I was cruising Pinterest, I found some amazing Christmas Stockings on Pottery Barn.  They were “Fair Isle” inspired.   I had no idea what Fair Isle was — so I had to investigate!!!!

I did my research and got 2 books:


Fair Isle 1 Fair Isle 2


I LOVE LOVE LOVE them both.  The 200 Fair Isle motifs has great borders and clear easy patterns.  The Book of Fair Isle Knitting also has some great patterns — some much more challenging than I’m ready to take on now…..but I have used the Scandinavian stars patterns.

So while teaching myself to read Fair Isle patterns, I also had to teach myself the continental style of knitting — very different from the English style I typically use.

This is the YouTube video that I used:


I am working on a 3 step project that is 2/3 of the way complete.  It’s my first foray into Fair Isle so take a look at what I’ve done.

I combined a border pattern from the 200 Fair Isle Motifs and a Scandinavian Star from Fair Isle Knitting.

Fair Isle Pattern 1 Fair Isle Pattern 2

These still are works in progress and need to be blocked — so when I’m done I’ll block and then post the patterns that I used.


Lemme know what you think, chirpers.



I saw this guy on Pinterest and he was just so stinkin’ cute!

This guy is an example of Kawaii Amigurmi or “Cute” Amigurumi

Kawaii,  pronounced kah-why-ee, (similar to Hawaii but with a K) kawaii is a rough Japanese translation of “cute”.   You see a lot of little characters, food with smiles — anything “Cutesy”  — a word we use here in the south!


bittybat bittybat3


Check him out on Ravelry!!!

I used 9 MM eyes, just because that’s what I already had on hand — I don’t think it makes that much of a difference.  I also sewed on the wings and the ears — just to make him a bit more sturdy!

I added the cute heart like an example I saw on Pinterest!  He’s darling!





OMG how cute is she???




Lala Loopsy

I saw this pattern on Pinterest and I just knew I had to make 1….or 2 depending on how cute it actually turned out.

CUTE it is!  I’m making these for my nieces for Christmas!


I didn’t like the yarn bows so much — so I embellished with buttons…which I think adds another great texture.  The author hit the nail on the head, the HAIR takes the longest.  There are a LOT of curls there required to get it to look just the way I wanted it to.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way she turned you!!!  I definitely recommend this one!