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I’ve been been a little obsessed with making ornaments lately.  My Ornament Ideas board on Pinterest just seems to keep growing!  So I went and got a Wood Burning Tool from Lowes — it was a much better deal than at the craft stores and it’s a more comprehensive set.

grinchwoodornament.jpgI’ve also been a big obsessed with the Grinch…I just love his face.  So I took a stab tonight at wood burning the Grinch on a wood slice.  On a side note: Wood slices……a good hardwood slice (about 4″ across) at Michaels is 2.99!!!  That is nuts!  I currently have my dad on a mission to find me a log that I can slice up myself!  Then it’s on like Donkey Kong.  But for now, I used my fun new tool and whipped out a Grinch.  I burned his face in first and then went back and hand painted him.   I love the texture the wood burning tool creates.   When he was done I put a think coat of lacquer on it to make it shiny.  All he needs now is a cute little hanger.

IMG_8126.JPGI’ve been out of pocket for a few.  I have been at my cousin’s wedding!  It was in Iowa and it was amazing and beautiful.  Out in the country at a barn on amid a field of soy beans with the reception at the small town community center.  There was nothing small town about this wedding though — it was rustic but amazingly beautiful and CHIC!!  It was just as beautiful as she is!  Here is a the tag I made for their gift.  I created the template with the Silhouette Cameo and then painted.  I went with the same light blue as the bridesmaids dresses.  I love the way it turned out.  Next time I want to try using a wood burning tool.