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I’ve made multiple versions of this cross-over pinafore that I found on

This one was for a Halloween costume.  I wanted my beautiful red head to be Pebbles but I wanted to put a fun twist on it.

I found a great giraffe print at hobby lobby and made the pinafore.   It was a little chilly here for Halloween, so we wore a long-sleeve brown shirt underneath.  I sewed fake bones to the buttons and made a matching bow.  For a bit more fun, I made a glitter blue tutu to put underneath.  She wore her brown Uggs and Brown leggings to finish it all off!  She was adorable.




Hello all! I’m Becka and a guest poster here. I thought I would post about my two Halloween wreaths I made.  I have been looking at deco mesh for several months and over the summer made one for my mom, myself and my grandma. I didn’t have a Halloween wreath so I thought, why not? And my deco mesh crafting obsession has begun!! One of the wreaths has orange and black deco mesh with purple and orange sparkly spiders. Spiders are just better if they sparkle right? The other is just black deco mesh with candy corn and ghosts.  I’m still learning and constantly looking for new ideas, what do y’all think so far?


I’ve been working on several commissions here recently and trying to wrap those up. I’ll post pics soon. For now I thought I’d share with you MY Halloween witch wreath that hangs on my front door. It’s made with Deco Mesh, Halloween scrap material , felt and a witches hat.

I made the wreath with black and orange deco mesh.  Then I strung a piece of elastic across the middle of the wreath to create the witches skirt.  I wrapped the elastic with the scrap material and tulle, similar to how I make my daughters tutu’s.  Then I sewed 2 tubes in the red stripe for the legs.  I cut out the shoes from a fun red/black felt and added buttons for texture and embellishment.

I love hanging this on my orange front door every year!!!!