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Hey Chirpers, welcome back!

I’ve wanted to try one of those giant rulers to use as a growth chart for a while. I thought my Dad’s 65th birthday would be a great time to try.  He’s very handy and crafty so I thought he’d really like it.Ruler3

I’ve seen them all over the interwebs and I wanted to try my hand at them.   I didn’t want to do all the measuring to make sure I got it all right, so I looked on and many people offer kits to make these, usually made with vinyl decals.  I have a Silhouette Cameo, as you all know, and I thought for sure, I can find a template and cut them myself.

Low and behold I found the following site:

Check out her other projects, too…..CUTE!!!

She provides terrific instructions for how to make it as well.


  • Pine Board 1″ X 8″ X 6′ (I went with the more expensive $19 board because it didn’t require sanding)
  • Stain
  • Polyurethane
  • Old Tshirt (for staining)
  • Brush
  • Vinyl (I used the Paper Studio brand from Hobby Lobby)
  • Decorative stones
  • Power Grip (To glue down the stones)


First I stained the board using a light stain.  You could use any color you like, but I thought since you’ll probably want to write the children’s heights on there — you’ll want to be able to see the writing.  The board didn’t need sanding and I used an old t-shirt to apply the stain.

Next I cut out the vinyl — using my Silhouette Cameo and the download file from the link above.  I also cut out all the kids names to run down the side — you could really do anything you’d like to personalize it!


After using transfer paper — you want to make sure that things are straight as possible.  Then I laid down the polyurethane gently over the top using a short paint brush.  This will ensure that the stickers don’t peel up over time!  My 5 year old son (big Red) wanted to help, so each time I laid down a section — He pulled off the transfer paper.  He was so slow and methodical about it.  It was so sweet.  After we got it all laid down he picked up some glass stones and put them between each name — he even picked each one of the colors himself.  He was so sweet and so loves helping.  I love the way it turned out.



I’m always looking for unique gifts for my kids teachers for the Holidays. I also try to make something handmade.  The mascot of my sons school is the bulldog.  I searched HIGH and LOW for a cute Amigurumi bulldog pattern and I finally found one that I fell in love with here:

I bit the bullet and bought the pattern.  Her pattern is easy to follow and very intricate.  It’s fantastic.  I highly recommend using them.

Here is a link to her site: – It’s in German, but of course you can translate.

  The schools colors are Purple and Yellow and the mascot is grey.

I made 2 little bulldogs for his teachers.  I finished them off with little purple cat collars that I got at Petsmart.

I had personalized dog tags made at Petco on Purple hearts

Bulldog1 Bulldog2 Bulldog4

On the front of the tags I put his teachers names and on the back my son’s name and the year.

Additionally, since it’s a Catholic school — I added a very nice St. Joseph medal that I got from


I hope his teachers like the gift.  I think they came out adorable.  They are both very different even though from the same pattern.  Just like 2 dogs from the same litter don’t look the same.

I used I Love this Yarn from Hobby Lobby — each bulldog takes almost an entire skein.

I also used safety eyes and noses instead of crocheting them.

Boots & Hat

This is the second commission I just finished.  It is the CUTEST baby cowboy hat and baby boots!  I used Caron Super Soft as recommended.  1 whole skein of the beige and a small amount of the teal.   in a light beige and teal.  My friend wanted gender neutral and I think this can definitely go either way.  My friend purchased the pattern from

She has lots of amazing patterns.  Check her out. They are also extremely reasonable.

Here are some more close ups:


HAT — easy to shape just follow the instructions provided with the pattern.


BOOT — so stinkin’ cute!!!

This is the 0 -3  month size,  but provides several sizes with her patterns.

I hope you enjoy.


Recently a friend of mine from Circle of Friends found out she was having twins!  How exciting is that???   On top of it all, they are identical twin girls!

SIDE NOTE:  What is Circle of Friends, you ask??  Circle of Friends is an auxiliary organization of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Foundation.  We raise money for the hospital and choose what that money supports.  The bulk of our money right now is going to pay off our obligation to the new Circle of Friends Hematology/Oncology Clinic built as part of the South Wing expansion.  I am a huge supporter of Circle of Friends and ACH.  I feel so blessed to have such an esteemed facility so close by for my children, the children of the state of Arkansas and the children that come from far and wide to get services.  If you want to know more about COF and how you can get involved…REACH OUT TO ME!!!!

2 years ago, right before the birth of Little Red, another friend of mine gave birth to identical twin boys!  She bought these cute little hats from Etsy for them to wear in their new-born pictures.  Little pear hats, for her “Perfect Pair”.


Aren’t they the sweetest things???  Well when I found out my friend was having identical twin girls, I KNEW what I had to make for her — Pear photo props.

This was my first stab at creating my very own original knitting project and pattern.  I think they turned out so cute.


I added the little pear blossom flowers since they are going to be beautiful little girls.


  • Size 8 DPN
  • Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice – Seaspray Mist – 2 skeins
  • I Love This Yarn – Chartreuse Green, Brown, and White
  • 6 Shades of Pink embroidery thread
  • 4 Sew Ology flower shaped buttons in White
  • Size F Crochet Hook

(I bought all of the supplies for this project at Hobby Lobby)

I can’t wait to see these little girls in their pear hats.  I hope they love them as much I did making them for them!

The Hats are my own original pattern – please do not copy without linking to my site or sell this pattern.


Using Seaspray Mist

  • CO 60, 20 on each DPN, join in the round

Note:  When working in the round, remember not to twist your project!!

  • 1 – 6         K2P2 (60) – this makes the 1″ ribbed brim
  • 7-20         K(60)
  • 21            (K1,K2tog) (40)
  • 22 – 25     K (40)
  • 26           (K1, K2tog) (26)
  • 27-30      K (26)
  • 31           (K1,K2tog) (18)
  • 32 – 34    K (18)
  • 35           (K1,K2tog) (12)
  • 36 – 39    K (12)
  • 40           (K1,K2tog) (8)
  • 41           K (8)

Finish off by running yarn back through 8 stitches and pull tight


  • Using Brown
  • Knit an I-cord for 10 rows.
  • Fasten to Pear with tip down inside hole at the top of the pear.


I used the 2 minute Leaf- free pattern found here:

Using Size F Crochet Hook and Chartreuse

  • CH 6
  • SL ST 2nd Chain from hook
  • SC in next chain
  • HDC in next chain
  • DC in next chain
  • 4 DC in next chain
  • Turn slightly, add add’l 3 DC (7 in total)
  • DC in next chain
  • HDC in next chain
  • SC in next chain
  • SL ST in next chain
  • Fasten off


These are designed to look like Pear Blossoms.

I modified the “A Tiny Flower” – A free pattern found here:

Using Size F Crochet Hook and White

  • Magic Ring – 5 SC in ring
  • Join last SC to 1st stitch in the ring
  • Round 1:  CH 2, SL ST in 1st SC

CH 2 in next SC and repeat around

Join with SL ST (6 chain spaces)

  • Round 2: 1 SL ST, 1 CH, 3 DC, 1 CH, 1 SC  in each chain space

Join with SL ST

  • Embellish with 5 french knots in shades of pink in each flower

Diaper Cover

Using size F Crochet Hook and Seaspray Mist

  • Row 1:                 CH 45
  • Row 2:                 SC in 2nd stitch from the hook, SC all the way across
  • Row 3:                 CH 2, turn, DC across
  • Row 4:                 CH 1, turn SC across
  • Row 5:                 Turn, SL ST next 10 stitches, CH 2, DC next, DC(23), leave rest unworked
  • Row 6:                 CH 2, turn, DC2tog, DC 20, DC2tog
  • Row 7:                 CH 2, turn, DC2tog, DC 18, DC2tog
  • Row 8:                 CH 2, turn, DC2tog, DC16, DC2tog
  • Row 9:                 CH 2, turn, DC2tog, DC 14, DC2tog
  • Row 10:               CH 2, turn, DC2tog, DC 12, DC2tog
  • Row 11:               CH 2, turn, DC2tog, DC 10, DC2tog
  • Row 12 – 19:       CH 2, turn, DC across
  • Finish:                 CH 1, SC around outside
  • Fasten Off
  • Add 2 flower buttons to each diaper cover for fastening

If you follow me on Pinterest or are friends with me on Facebook you can see another of my crafting obsessions is making wreaths.  I love to have pretty wreaths on my door and I love to have them match the seasons.  I have gotten so many inspirations and ideas from folks on Pinterest and Etsy.

BUT, do you know how much money people charge for some of these wreaths??? MADNESS, Pure MADNESS!!!

I guess I’m just cheap or maybe it’s just my “I can do that better” attitude that I started my foray into wreath making 2 years ago with the yarn wrapped wreaths.  They are so pretty and so easy.


  • Solid round foam or straw wreath — I prefer the solid round foam ones (not the floral green ones they shed, the white FOAM ones)
  • 1 – 2 skeins of yarn – for a single color wreath, 1 of each for multi-color wreaths
  • Embellishments

I have done several yarn covered wreaths.  My first was a fall wreath that I did in a chunky variegated orange.


I used fall picks and made some felt flowers in off-white, red, purple, and blue to complement it.

The process is extremely simple:

1. Wrap the yarn around the foam form with the strands close together, but not overlapping.

2.  Continue wrapping  around and around until the wreath is fully covered, trying not to cross the yarn over itself.

3. Make sure that you push the yarn strands up tight against each other.

Try to cover the wreath as completely as possibly while wrapping.  It doesn’t have to be perfect as you can go back and adjust the yarn little bits at a time to cover gaps.  Also, if you have some minor gaps on the back of the wreath don’t fret, you can’t see them anyway.

4. Make or buy your embellishments and glue on with hot glue.

The second yarn wrapped wreath I did I made for my friend G (if you recall, she inspired this blog).  I used this beautiful chunky gray yarn I found. It has flecks of white and dark gray in it.

( As time goes on you’ll see a trend in my projects and which colors are my “go-to” — yes, Gray is one of them.)

I embellished hers with felt flowers as well, and used a really pretty purple satin ribbon to create the hanger.

I really love making the felt flowers.  They are so easy to make and there are so many styles and felt is SOOOO cheap!

Here is a fantastic blog that illustrates how to make 5 different types of felt flowers:


I added a lot of flowers on this one in plum, purple, off-white and gray.   Add as many or as few as you want.  Cover an entire side, make a small bouquet, put them randomly all the way around.  It’s completely to your taste.  You can add as many or as few as you want.

I love the way this one turned out. It’s definitely on of my faves!

My final wreath was this inspiration from Pinterest — it’s for the 4th of July

For mine, I used Caron Super Soft in a deep Red, White and Navy Blue.  It’s really sleek and has a pretty shine to it. It takes quite a bit because the yarn is worsted weight instead of chunky and I really wanted the stripes to be as seamless as possible. I wrapped it so tightly it almost looks like satin ribbon instead of yarn.   Instead of using felt to cut out the stars, I found some applique stars at Hobby Lobby that I glued on with my cordless hot glue gun.  The stars are really fun, they almost look like they were created for a military uniform.  Again, use your discretion and add as many or as few as you like.  Obviously you are not going to get 50 stars on the wreath, but I think that is alright, this is a TRIBUTE to the flag, not a re-creation.   I picked up some pretty red, white and blue bells on clearance at Hobby Lobby to hang in the middle.

4th of July

I love the way it turned out.  It looks pretty on my front door with a big blue pillow with similar white stars on it in my Cracker Barrel rocking chair during the month of July.

I found this website on Pinterest and LOVED the Chevron pattern – so this was the jumping off point for my projects! (I might have gone a “bit” overboard”

I went with a Red, not bright red, but a more muted red, navy blue and white from Caron Super Soft. I think it turned out beautiful and super soft. There are a few errors – but hey, I’m a beginner! (Since my friend doesn’t knit, I bet she didn’t even notice!!! 🙂 )


After the blanket was complete, I just couldn’t stop there — My friend takes FABOULOUS pictures, so my immediate thought was PHOTO PROPS!!!! I found the cutest Stars and Stripes diaper cover on Ravelry that was the inspiration for the diaper cover I made. Admittedly I’m pretty cheap, so I looked for a free pattern to use. Obviously it’s not an exact replica – but I wanted to give credit to the inspiration as well!–stripes-diaper-cover

connor photo props

I went with this free pattern I found on Pinterest, but did use the White Star buttons.

Then I found this CUTE free double pom hat on Ravelry to go with it — I left off the ear flaps and just made the hat. I kept the same color theme throughout and used the same yarn. The hat doesn’t have any white in it – but I think the white stars were the PERFECT accent on the diaper cover!

Then….I took it ONE more step and found the cutest baby toy on Ravelry — so I made that TOO!!!! (I told you I have an addiction)

Baby Toy

This is really cool and I plan to make them again. You put jingle bells in there and stuff them. It’s REALLY safe – those jingle bells are NOT coming out!

connor giraffe

and then FINALLY – a while ago I purchased another pattern from Etsy – an amigurumi Giraffe

I went with an off white and used a verigated red,white,blue yarn for the contrasting features!

Sometimes I feel a bit cheap since I didn’t actually BUY a gift, but I’m so proud of these items – I spent so much time and thought on these and I know my friend really appreciated them. I was really inspired by my friend, her husband and the idea of an Independence Day baby!!!