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I finished my foray into Fair Isle with 3 Christmas stockings for a good friend and his beautiful daughters!  I love the idea of everyone having similar stockings for Christmas — makes it feel like family!


Rooster 1

Using the books I referenced in my previous post:

Fair Isle 1 Fair Isle 2

I used the following pattern found on Ravelry for free as an inspiration:

I modified the pattern slightly to fit my needs.

I used my size 8 circular needles from

See pattern modifications below:

  •              CO 81
  •              10 Rows ST ST for Edge
  •              12 Rows KNIT
  •              Fair Isle Border
  •              4 Rows Knit
  •              Fair Isle Pattern
  •              8 Rows Knit
  •              Heel 30 using Wrap and Turn Down to 15
  •              22 Rows Knit
  •              25 Rows Knit for Toe
  •              Cinch up the toe


This was the first time I’ve ever actually knitted a stocking from the top down and the first foray into Fair Isle.  I think they turned out beautifully and that they use them for years to come.

I started with the Scarlet and the Gray for Mr. Phillips –

Phillips7 Phillips1


Border = 38 from 200 Fair Isle Motifs

Pattern = 4th Norwegian Star from Fair Isle Knitting (page 64)


Next is the little peanuts stocking — in Grey and Pink

Phillips2 Phillips3

Border = 46 from 200 Fair Isle Motifs

Pattern = 6th Norwegian Star from Fair Isle Knitting (page 64)

And finally, my FAVORITE, for the big sis in Purple and Grey:

Phillips4 Phillips5


Border = 73 from 200 Fair Isle Motifs

Pattern = 8th Norwegian Star from Fair Isle Knitting (page 64)


As I was cruising Pinterest, I found some amazing Christmas Stockings on Pottery Barn.  They were “Fair Isle” inspired.   I had no idea what Fair Isle was — so I had to investigate!!!!

I did my research and got 2 books:


Fair Isle 1 Fair Isle 2


I LOVE LOVE LOVE them both.  The 200 Fair Isle motifs has great borders and clear easy patterns.  The Book of Fair Isle Knitting also has some great patterns — some much more challenging than I’m ready to take on now…..but I have used the Scandinavian stars patterns.

So while teaching myself to read Fair Isle patterns, I also had to teach myself the continental style of knitting — very different from the English style I typically use.

This is the YouTube video that I used:


I am working on a 3 step project that is 2/3 of the way complete.  It’s my first foray into Fair Isle so take a look at what I’ve done.

I combined a border pattern from the 200 Fair Isle Motifs and a Scandinavian Star from Fair Isle Knitting.

Fair Isle Pattern 1 Fair Isle Pattern 2

These still are works in progress and need to be blocked — so when I’m done I’ll block and then post the patterns that I used.


Lemme know what you think, chirpers.





I think i mentioned in the about me section of my blog how I taught myself to knit on YouTube.  My first project was Christmas stockings for the family — which I did on the round knitting looms.  After that I found the cutest scarf on – The Fisherman’s Wife

fisherman's wife

I bought the pattern and while challenging turned out AWESOME.  Of course I couldn’t just start with something basic, I had to jump in with both feet.  I found AMAZiNG examples of how to do stiches on YouTube and that I watched over and over until I got them right!

I made a quick foray into DPNs when I found MochiMochis!  Again utilizing YouTube I figured out how to work all those needles at the same time.

On to Pinterest…I found the cutest pattern for some tumbling bunnies.  As I was sitting around this weekend, I thought I had some free time in the car traveling to see the in-laws and of course PLENTY of scrap yarn.  So I grabbed my Ipad and my DPNs and some yarn and whipped up this cute Tumbling Bunny


It’s a really easy project for beginners using DPNs. If you don’t have the safety eyes…no worries, just embroider on the face!  I stuffed mine with rice, simply because that’s what I had on hand.  Make sure your stitches are tight enough so the filling doesn’t come out!  This was such a fun project, I’m sure I’ll make others!