I can’t believe that my little boy was born 8 years ago today!!!  Time goes by so fast!!  In honor of his birthday I wanted to do a little throw back to his 4th party — Dinosaur Train.  My son was a HUGE fan of the PBS Series, Dinosaur Train.  I admit, I went a little crazy.

Dinosaur Train

I painted Buddy and the Conductor on large foam core boards so that everyone could have their photos made with the characters.  Don’t worry, I didn’t free hand them, I drew the outlines with my trusty projector 🙂

The Cake & Tablescape


For the tablescape I used just a plain green table cloth and an elevated platform for the ‘Cake’.  I admit, this could have been better, I should have draw in the tracks and added trees, etc. from my son’s train table.   I used various Train toys my son already had, including a Dinosaur Train, train and the Dinosaur Train characters.  I also attached balloons to train engine back in the corner.

Note:  The little cups with ranch and carrot and celery sticks….PERFECT for 4 year olds!!

The cake itself was so much fun to make and decorate.  I got the Nordic Ware Train Cake Pan  It makes little pieces, almost like cupcakes instead of a full out cake.


It was so much fun decorating each little car with candy and frosting.  My son loved helping.  I used M&M’s, Peppermints, Gumdrops, skittles, Kisses, Sweet Tarts and so many other kinds of candy.  I then used black licorice to make the tracks. (They didn’t look the best, this is definitely something I would do differently)

And Finally….Something to Do

To keep the kids entertained, I created a Dinosaur Train ride.  I made my front porch into Pteranodon Station and gave everyone tickets to ride the “train” .  I hooked up a small trailer to our UTV and called it the Dinosaur Train.  Next, I took my trusty projector and made MANY dinosaur posters and placed them all about my property.  I let my son pick out all the types of dinosaurs he wanted to see and picked up a coloring book of dinosaurs at the dollar store to use with my projector.

Pteranadon Station

I also picked up some of the extra large plastic Easter eggs on clearance after Easter (see the pink one in the corner  of the porch above) and put white vinyl circle stickers all over them so they looked more like “Dinosaur” eggs. Instead of goodie bags,  I put fun swag in each one of them and there were enough that each child could find an egg! It made the party more interactive and also something 4 year olds could do.

Happy Birthday Buddy!!!