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On Friday afternoon, I happened into Michael’s to find a crochet hook with a softer handle. I find that when working with smaller hooks, I prefer the hooks that are not all metal as they tend to dig into the palm of my hand. There are so many ways to hold the hook and yarn, but my style is the knife hold, so the end of the hook is usually cradled in my palm and depending on the size of the hook it tends to dig in. I find this especially true when working on my extremely small amigurumi. I find it fascinating when looking on YouTube for instructional videos how many different methods there are for holding hooks and yarn.

After I found the hook I was looking for I went to check out the sale bins just in case there happened to be something I couldn’t live without. I was admiring the Caron Cakes while in the yarn section and loved all the variegated colors. Imagine my surprise when I came upon some cakes on sale. Now I’ve  been a bit obsessed with Orange and Coral lately, I’ll admit, so when I saw the sale bin I knew I had to purchase this yarn in Spice Cake. It’s an amazing mixture of oranges and corals and yellows – almost like a sunset. Now I’ll be trolling Pinterest to find the perfect project to use my clearance Caron Cakes. If you have a pattern that would highlight my sunset yarn – please send it on!!!


I found this website on Pinterest and LOVED the Chevron pattern – so this was the jumping off point for my projects! (I might have gone a “bit” overboard”

I went with a Red, not bright red, but a more muted red, navy blue and white from Caron Super Soft. I think it turned out beautiful and super soft. There are a few errors – but hey, I’m a beginner! (Since my friend doesn’t knit, I bet she didn’t even notice!!! 🙂 )


After the blanket was complete, I just couldn’t stop there — My friend takes FABOULOUS pictures, so my immediate thought was PHOTO PROPS!!!! I found the cutest Stars and Stripes diaper cover on Ravelry that was the inspiration for the diaper cover I made. Admittedly I’m pretty cheap, so I looked for a free pattern to use. Obviously it’s not an exact replica – but I wanted to give credit to the inspiration as well!–stripes-diaper-cover

connor photo props

I went with this free pattern I found on Pinterest, but did use the White Star buttons.

Then I found this CUTE free double pom hat on Ravelry to go with it — I left off the ear flaps and just made the hat. I kept the same color theme throughout and used the same yarn. The hat doesn’t have any white in it – but I think the white stars were the PERFECT accent on the diaper cover!

Then….I took it ONE more step and found the cutest baby toy on Ravelry — so I made that TOO!!!! (I told you I have an addiction)

Baby Toy

This is really cool and I plan to make them again. You put jingle bells in there and stuff them. It’s REALLY safe – those jingle bells are NOT coming out!

connor giraffe

and then FINALLY – a while ago I purchased another pattern from Etsy – an amigurumi Giraffe

I went with an off white and used a verigated red,white,blue yarn for the contrasting features!

Sometimes I feel a bit cheap since I didn’t actually BUY a gift, but I’m so proud of these items – I spent so much time and thought on these and I know my friend really appreciated them. I was really inspired by my friend, her husband and the idea of an Independence Day baby!!!