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Another invitation.

I found this inspiration on Pinterest  ( )and decided that since there were just a handful to make — that I could make them by hand and add some 3D embellishments to them.

Chandler invite

I made the panda shapes with Silhouette Design Studio.  It’s really a very simple design, only 3 pieces, very easy to put together.  I used a white marker for the eyeball.  I designed and printed the invitation using Microsoft Word.  Then I created the tree using a Cherry Blossom stamp I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  I used brown ink for the stamp and then some cute flowers  in shades of pink for some more pops of color.     I absolutely love how they turned out.

The matching cake from Julies Sweet Shoppe in Conway, Arkansas was not only super to cute….but delicious as well.

Chandler cake


Hello Chirpers!

I’m always looking for unique and fun things to do for my child’s teachers.  I mean how many coffee cups or pencil holders does a teacher really need?? Well my child goes to a Catholic school and we have truly been blessed with amazing teachers. I made this gift last year and forgot to take a picture of it to post here —  so while I was there for the Mother’s Day celebration today I snapped a quick pic.  I love that she has it hanging up in her classroom!!!



  • Canvas
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Ribbon
  • Modge Podge
  • Vinyl

I cut out the words with my amazing Silhouette Cameo in Vinyl — but you could easily just write them or paint them.  I HATE my handwriting so I prefer the abundant number of fonts on my computer.  If you can find a font you like there — I WHOLLY recommend using  They have so many free fonts to use, I could spend hours looking and downloading them.  After painting the children and applying the vinyl I sealed it all with my trusty Modge Podge.  (I have seen several recipes for making your own — I might try this at some point given the amount I use, but I haven’t yet.  Feel free to let me know your thoughts if you’ve tried). Make sure you paint and let dry well before applying the vinyl.  Do as many circles as you like in as many colors, or use another shape and school colors. Don’t forget the diversity of your child’s classroom and their friends.  Go crazy with the kids, make them all different colors and shapes and sizes!!!  Celebrate our Differences!!!There are so many options here!  Finally, I stapled on the cute ribbon in School Colors for hanging.

Hope you enjoy!

Hello Chirpers — I’m back.  Sorry for the delay.

Here is a cross I made for a silent auction for a Faulkner County Circle of Friends event.  The proceeds of the auction benefit Arkansas Children’s Hospital — an organization I am passionate about supporting!!!


I have been working diligently on several projects that I’m going to get out here for you to see.  The first is a Glass Marble Art Cross.   This was the first time I’ve tried a project with the glass marbles.  As I was at Hobby Lobby looking at supplies a really nice lady asked me if I wanted some advice….OF COURSE…..(I wish now I had gotten her contact information!!!).  She suggested the use of a power grip glue found at Home Depot instead of the regular glass glue.


Hobby Lobby:

  • 2 Wooden Crosses (1 Large, 1 smaller)
  • Glass Flat sided marbles
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Glossy Modge Podge
  • Metal Decorative Flower
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Xacto Knife

Home Depot:

  • LocTite Power Grip
  • Spray Paint

First I spray painted both crosses with a Teal colored Spray paint as preparation.  I color coordinated the spray paint with the scrapbook paper I chose.

For the bottom, larger cross —

Next, I used Spray adhesive and sprayed the top of the cross and placed the Scrapbook paper on.  I let this dry for 24 hours before using an Xacto Knife to trm around the edges.  Finally, I finished by coating the paper with Glossy Modge Podge for a sturdy glossy finish.

For the top, smaller cross —

I used the LocTite Power Grip —  suggested by my anonymous friend, to attach the metal flower to the center of the cross.  Locktite

The LocTite worked great, i found it in the Paint section of Home Depot – It comes in a tube AND a caulk tube for larger projects.  It has incredible hold and dries CLEAR!!!!

The great thing about the metal flower I chose, is that it was on a spring — so it was easy to raise up to get under.  Next, I placed the flat marbles all around the cross placing it in dollops of the Power Grip.  Don’t get too much, because you don’t want a ton showing, but you don’t want too little, because you want to make sure you have a strong grip on the marbles.  Don’t worry if some comes up around the marbles — it does dry clear and looks great!

As a final step when both crosses were completely dry (I waited 24 hours) — I used the Power Grip to glue the smaller cross to the larger cross!

Mix and match the marbles and the paper and have fun with it.  I used mixed colored marbles, but you could easily go with all same colored marbles.

I’ve been looking for something to put over my mirror in my room.  My room is in Orange and I just couldn’t find something I really love.  I am a proud alumna of Kappa Delta sorority.   I have always loved our open motto “Ta Kala Diokommen” – “Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest”.

I modified that a bit for my sign



I painted a wooden sign in some fun colors to match my bedroom.  Added the words by cutting them out on Cameo and modge podge’d them onto the sign.  Then I added some fun metal flowers that I got at Hobby Lobby.  I love the final look.  I hope you like it too.





Tonight I’ve been working on my Razorback gear for the upcoming season since it starts on SATURDAY!!  WOOOOOO PIG SOOOOIE.

Take a look at these 2 Little Red Bird Originals that I made with handy dandy Silhouette Cameo, an iron and my sewing machine!!!!


Hog Scarf

Can’t wait to wear them!

I’ve been trying to come up with a good way to store the vinyl I use with my Silhouette Cameo for a while now.  I had it in drawers but it was a pain and often got wrinkled.  I saw some cool stands made with PVC on Pinterest — but on Saturday I saw some Headband holders at Rhea Lanas Consignment event and I thought — HEY…..


So I took some scrap fabric and scrap ribbon and made 2 headband holders.  I then hooked them on some cut dowel rods I hung on a clippy hanger. THEN I cut more dowels to 14.5″ and hung them across the 2 headband holders with the vinyl in between.  I hung the hanger on the wall behind a door. It’s AWESOME!!!!


All with stuff I had on hand except some 65 cent dowel rods!!



Tie Shirts


Tonight I had so much from with my friend M.  She bought the cutest material for her little boy and we made these CUTE shirts for fall!!  I found some clipart on the web and created the pattern with my Silhouette Studio software.

When I first got my Cameo I had NO idea it could do so many things and that I didn’t have to BUY every graphic I wanted to cut out.  I did some searches on some forums and on YouTube and I found this video that set me on my way to making my own graphics for my library:

I can’t wait to post a pic of her little boy in one of these cute shirts!











I’ve been wanting to try this for some time now and I finally bought a new blade just for cutting Fabric so I could try some projects.  I wanted to do some projects for Little Red for holidays, birthdays and sporting events.  Being a G.R.I.T.S. (Girl raised in the South) we love nothing more than our Razorbacks covered in bling.  I recently saw an appliqued Razorback with Swarovski crystals around the edges that I LOVED in a little boutique in my hometown.

If you would like to buy a shirt like this try Branch Out (  they had a shirt for sale that was my inspiration!!!

I thought it would be a perfect little project to try out on my Cameo.  So I bought a little Tshirt dress for Little Red and appliqued on a Razorback out of some some REALLY cute red, black, white and grey material I had left over from another project.  I then took some black iron on crystals and put them around the inside of the applique!  It turned out really cute!  I can control the size, the material and the shape!  I can’t wait to try some words (GO HOGS!!!)

I have a friend that wants a t-shirt for herself and some little Ties put on a tshirt for her little boy!  Stay tuned for pictures!!!

(Note:  I do NOT sell my projects, they are strictly for personal use or gifts!)