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Hey chirpers…..I’m gonna go old skool on you and take you back a couple of years to birthday parties of the past.

For my daughters second birthday I went with the Dr. Seuss theme!  Birthday parties don’t have to be expensive…almost everything you see I made or bought at the Dollar Store


I started with some invitations….

I found somIMG_0256e great graphics online and added some embellishments.  The final version had some red glitter on the hat and the bow tie.  Super cute, but kinda messy!

How about that cute shirt…..

I had a IMG_0295friend give me a library book bag to see if I could do something with it!   It was super cute and I was NOT about to let it go to waste!   I decided to make a T-shirt out of it.  I cut out the basic shape, leaving off the whiskers (too thin to cut out).  I appliqué it on the shirt using a very close zig zag stitch.  I used Wonder Under to iron it to the shirt before sewing so it didn’t move.  As a final step I used the tight zigzag stitch to create the whiskers.  They did buckle a little bit, but it’s only because I didn’t use any stabilizer underneath.

Next there were Games and Party favors:

FirsIMG_0729t, the Seuss Hats.  I used red buckets from the dollar aisle and glued a red circle of felt on the bottom and a strip of white felt around the middle.  I filled with dollar store fun stuff.

Next, I drew a Dr. Seuss Cat WITHOUT his HAT on a piece of poster board.  I found some cute little hats at Target and bought a set.  Tie a Red Bow and glue it on and you have  Pin the Hat on the Cat!!


Now for the Food….

Green Eggs of course….deviled by Nana


Thing 1 and Thing 2 CIMG_0726upcakes….Red Velvet with butter cream frosting and blue cotton candy.  (NOTE:  Don’t put the cotton candy on until the VERY last minute, it doesn’t hold up well)

A Seuss Hat cake for the birthday girl!!!


IMG_1629And FINALLY, the Lorax cookies!!!  I adore how those turned out.  I used pre-made sugar cookies and stirred in some yellow and stirred in some food coloring until it became Orange.  A little food coloring to some white butter cream and you have eyebrows and a mustache.  A jar of candy eyes and orange jelly bean nose!

For entertainment a good friend (and Kindergarten teacher) was willing to dress up as the Cat in the Hat and read stories to the kids.  Instead of gifts everyone brought books which we donated to Arkansas Children’s Hospital.IMG_1680

This little girl had a great Party!!!!!  Red tutu  and red and white striped leggings made the outfit!



Hey chirpers!

I combined my new found Modge Podge skills with my jewelry making skills and made some super cute picture frames for a charity auction.



  • 2 Wooden Picture Frames
  • Spray Paint
  • Glossy Modge Podge
  • 2 Wooden Knobs
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Rhinestones
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Loctite Power Grip

First I spray painted the wooden picture frames and then added the scrapbook paper with Spray Adhesive.  (I cut the scrapbook paper to size BEFORE I glued it to the frame!)   I picked 2 complimentary papers since the thought is that these would be for 2 Best Friends.  Next, I used my handy dandy Silhouette Cameo and cut the “Best Friends” text out of some textured card stock. This is an image I downloaded from the Silhouette Cameo store.  I don’t do it often, but I was looking for something with a little flair.  I placed the card stock and Modge Podged the text and the scrapbook paper to the frames.

Here is a great video on how to use Modge Podge without bubbles or wrinkles:

After letting everything dry (24 hours)  I used the Loctite Power Grip and glued the knob to the frame.  I embellished the text with the stick-on rhinestones for a little flair.


I added 2 Memory Wire bracelets with “Friend” charms on them to finish it off.  (See previous posts on how to make Memory Wire bracelets)

I think they came out super cute!!  I think it would be fun to do something similar for a graduation tassel or maybe even a racing medal of some sort.

Hello Chirpers — I’m back.  Sorry for the delay.

Here is a cross I made for a silent auction for a Faulkner County Circle of Friends event.  The proceeds of the auction benefit Arkansas Children’s Hospital — an organization I am passionate about supporting!!!


I have been working diligently on several projects that I’m going to get out here for you to see.  The first is a Glass Marble Art Cross.   This was the first time I’ve tried a project with the glass marbles.  As I was at Hobby Lobby looking at supplies a really nice lady asked me if I wanted some advice….OF COURSE…..(I wish now I had gotten her contact information!!!).  She suggested the use of a power grip glue found at Home Depot instead of the regular glass glue.


Hobby Lobby:

  • 2 Wooden Crosses (1 Large, 1 smaller)
  • Glass Flat sided marbles
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Glossy Modge Podge
  • Metal Decorative Flower
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Xacto Knife

Home Depot:

  • LocTite Power Grip
  • Spray Paint

First I spray painted both crosses with a Teal colored Spray paint as preparation.  I color coordinated the spray paint with the scrapbook paper I chose.

For the bottom, larger cross —

Next, I used Spray adhesive and sprayed the top of the cross and placed the Scrapbook paper on.  I let this dry for 24 hours before using an Xacto Knife to trm around the edges.  Finally, I finished by coating the paper with Glossy Modge Podge for a sturdy glossy finish.

For the top, smaller cross —

I used the LocTite Power Grip —  suggested by my anonymous friend, to attach the metal flower to the center of the cross.  Locktite

The LocTite worked great, i found it in the Paint section of Home Depot – It comes in a tube AND a caulk tube for larger projects.  It has incredible hold and dries CLEAR!!!!

The great thing about the metal flower I chose, is that it was on a spring — so it was easy to raise up to get under.  Next, I placed the flat marbles all around the cross placing it in dollops of the Power Grip.  Don’t get too much, because you don’t want a ton showing, but you don’t want too little, because you want to make sure you have a strong grip on the marbles.  Don’t worry if some comes up around the marbles — it does dry clear and looks great!

As a final step when both crosses were completely dry (I waited 24 hours) — I used the Power Grip to glue the smaller cross to the larger cross!

Mix and match the marbles and the paper and have fun with it.  I used mixed colored marbles, but you could easily go with all same colored marbles.

Recently a friend of mine from Circle of Friends found out she was having twins!  How exciting is that???   On top of it all, they are identical twin girls!

SIDE NOTE:  What is Circle of Friends, you ask??  Circle of Friends is an auxiliary organization of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Foundation.  We raise money for the hospital and choose what that money supports.  The bulk of our money right now is going to pay off our obligation to the new Circle of Friends Hematology/Oncology Clinic built as part of the South Wing expansion.  I am a huge supporter of Circle of Friends and ACH.  I feel so blessed to have such an esteemed facility so close by for my children, the children of the state of Arkansas and the children that come from far and wide to get services.  If you want to know more about COF and how you can get involved…REACH OUT TO ME!!!!

2 years ago, right before the birth of Little Red, another friend of mine gave birth to identical twin boys!  She bought these cute little hats from Etsy for them to wear in their new-born pictures.  Little pear hats, for her “Perfect Pair”.


Aren’t they the sweetest things???  Well when I found out my friend was having identical twin girls, I KNEW what I had to make for her — Pear photo props.

This was my first stab at creating my very own original knitting project and pattern.  I think they turned out so cute.


I added the little pear blossom flowers since they are going to be beautiful little girls.


  • Size 8 DPN
  • Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice – Seaspray Mist – 2 skeins
  • I Love This Yarn – Chartreuse Green, Brown, and White
  • 6 Shades of Pink embroidery thread
  • 4 Sew Ology flower shaped buttons in White
  • Size F Crochet Hook

(I bought all of the supplies for this project at Hobby Lobby)

I can’t wait to see these little girls in their pear hats.  I hope they love them as much I did making them for them!

The Hats are my own original pattern – please do not copy without linking to my site or sell this pattern.


Using Seaspray Mist

  • CO 60, 20 on each DPN, join in the round

Note:  When working in the round, remember not to twist your project!!

  • 1 – 6         K2P2 (60) – this makes the 1″ ribbed brim
  • 7-20         K(60)
  • 21            (K1,K2tog) (40)
  • 22 – 25     K (40)
  • 26           (K1, K2tog) (26)
  • 27-30      K (26)
  • 31           (K1,K2tog) (18)
  • 32 – 34    K (18)
  • 35           (K1,K2tog) (12)
  • 36 – 39    K (12)
  • 40           (K1,K2tog) (8)
  • 41           K (8)

Finish off by running yarn back through 8 stitches and pull tight


  • Using Brown
  • Knit an I-cord for 10 rows.
  • Fasten to Pear with tip down inside hole at the top of the pear.


I used the 2 minute Leaf- free pattern found here:

Using Size F Crochet Hook and Chartreuse

  • CH 6
  • SL ST 2nd Chain from hook
  • SC in next chain
  • HDC in next chain
  • DC in next chain
  • 4 DC in next chain
  • Turn slightly, add add’l 3 DC (7 in total)
  • DC in next chain
  • HDC in next chain
  • SC in next chain
  • SL ST in next chain
  • Fasten off


These are designed to look like Pear Blossoms.

I modified the “A Tiny Flower” – A free pattern found here:

Using Size F Crochet Hook and White

  • Magic Ring – 5 SC in ring
  • Join last SC to 1st stitch in the ring
  • Round 1:  CH 2, SL ST in 1st SC

CH 2 in next SC and repeat around

Join with SL ST (6 chain spaces)

  • Round 2: 1 SL ST, 1 CH, 3 DC, 1 CH, 1 SC  in each chain space

Join with SL ST

  • Embellish with 5 french knots in shades of pink in each flower

Diaper Cover

Using size F Crochet Hook and Seaspray Mist

  • Row 1:                 CH 45
  • Row 2:                 SC in 2nd stitch from the hook, SC all the way across
  • Row 3:                 CH 2, turn, DC across
  • Row 4:                 CH 1, turn SC across
  • Row 5:                 Turn, SL ST next 10 stitches, CH 2, DC next, DC(23), leave rest unworked
  • Row 6:                 CH 2, turn, DC2tog, DC 20, DC2tog
  • Row 7:                 CH 2, turn, DC2tog, DC 18, DC2tog
  • Row 8:                 CH 2, turn, DC2tog, DC16, DC2tog
  • Row 9:                 CH 2, turn, DC2tog, DC 14, DC2tog
  • Row 10:               CH 2, turn, DC2tog, DC 12, DC2tog
  • Row 11:               CH 2, turn, DC2tog, DC 10, DC2tog
  • Row 12 – 19:       CH 2, turn, DC across
  • Finish:                 CH 1, SC around outside
  • Fasten Off
  • Add 2 flower buttons to each diaper cover for fastening