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Not every sweet baby girl is going to be all ribbons and lace. Some girls grow up and want to wear camo and ride horses and be a rancher or a farmer. These baby girls will still love their pink and their bows, but they’ll want to hang out with the boys and ride four-wheelers and shoot guns and drive tractors. This is for the girl who not only can do everything the boys do, but they can beat them at their own games. So, for the future deer hunter I made this sweet teething rattle. Now, yes, I do realize that female deer rarely have antlers, but bear with me here. I wanted to create something for the future tomboy, but I also wanted everyone to remember she’s a sweet little girl. I looked for a sweet little fawn pattern, or something a bit more girly, but I didn’t find anything I liked.




Then, I found Rory….Rory the Reindeer….it’s a pattern for an ornament that I fo080617_0133_FortheFutur2.jpgund on

Rory is a cute little guy and his pattern can be found here:

I used brown and black safety eyes and a safety nose. I also ordered the following rings from Amazon: I prefer the all-natural wood rings for teethers instead of something plastic. I also prefer the bigger rings than you can traditionally get at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. This one is 3.7″ and I got it from Amazon. (If you keep up with 2LittleRedBirds you’d know that I’m a bit of an Amazon Prime addict.) It’s still plenty light for an infant but it’s much better with the size of the head and makes for better balance. I also recommend these rattle inserts I used 2 inside the teether so that it made a loud enough rattle.  So for the Future Tomboy I give you this sweet deer teether/rattler.


Here’s another 🙂  I decided not to grout — I’m okay with that decision!


Hi again, Chirpers

I was shopping at Versona and found some great bracelets that fit me.  This is a big deal for me because I have some pretty big wrists.  They were all silver and beaded and I bought 3.  After I brought them home and began examining them, I thought that I might could make some more


I started searching on YouTube for links on how to make similar bracelets, after all if you can’t find it on YouTube….it probably doesn’t exist!!!  Luckily, I didn’t have to search far or long:

This was a great, easy to follow video and also came with a supply list.

All the needed supplies I either had on hand or picked up at my favorite store, Hobby Lobby.


  • Memory Wire
  • Silver Beads
  • Colored Beads
  • Wrapping Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Embellishment charms

I used the Versona bracelets as a template for the right size and then began stringing my beads.  I just went with what felt good and what I liked.   I was really impressed with how they turned out!!!  My only wish is that I had thicker Memory Wire – more like the bracelets I bought.  I’ve worn these several times, however, and they’ve held up and look great!!!!

Bracelet8 Bracelet6 Bracelet5 Bracelet4 Bracelet3 Bracelet1

Hey Chirpers.

I know it’s been a while.  But here I am back with the Valentine’s day projects I made for the kids.

Everyone knows my love for Pinterest, but some of you might not know my love for Asian food.

This year I went with the Fortune cookies.  They were soooo easy to make, I was suprised.  These are from the Martha Stewart Show:

It was really easy as pie.  Simple ingredients:

Felt, wire cutters, floral wire, ribbon, glue and a message

I went with the pink and the red and just a simple little message.  Happy Valentines Day from Little Red or Big Red as applicable 🙂  I did do colored ink just for fun.



For the class snack, I went with the chocolate covered strawberries.  I love this snack because it takes all of about 15 minutes to make.

All you need is meltable chocolate, strawberries and a microwave.

First I clean the strawberries, leaving the tops on.

Slowly melt the chocolate in the microwave following instructions.

HINT:  If you chocolate doesn’t get thin enough…add Crisco.  This thins in out, but also allows the chocolate to harden back up.  It won’t re-harden with oil or milk.

Then I just dip and let dry.

Fast, easy and delicious.  MUCH cheaper than purchasing them in the store.

If you’re so inclined, add drizzles of white or pink chocolate for a more fancy look.



Until next time….OXOX

I have never found a good way to brand my crafts….until NOW!

I never knew what to call myself or what graphic to use.  When G inspired me to start this blog I thought and thought about a name.  For those of you that know me, you know why I call this the 2 Little Red Birds.  So last week I used my awesome Bamboo Pen Tablet from Wacom

to draw and color in my bird.  I then used Photoshop Elements to create the title image for the blog as well as the side tiles.  Tonight, I took that same tile image and made labels with them.


I think they turned out sooooooo well.  I can’t WAIT to start attaching them to all my projects!   Lemme know what you think!