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Chandler box

To go with the Panda themed baby shower I made a collection of baby items for my friend’s baby Chandler.  I used a modern color palate of Cranberry, Light Pink, White, Gray and Lime.  I used a simple chevron pattern for the blanket.IMG_2874    The pattern is called Double Shell Ripple

I also made a few little toys and baubles for her.

The simply cute Panda bear I got from a pattern on Craftsy.

IMG_2868 IMG_2873

I used this modified pattern from Ravelry for the Panda Rattle


The super cute Panda lovey

Manda Elephant Manda Elephant2

This was a really fun pattern I found on Pinterest.

He’s super cute.  If you go down into the comments there are some links to the pattern in English.  It’s a really cool technique with very minimal attaching.  I decided to NOT add the tusks as she looked so cute without them.  I also added some fun fabric to the inside of the ears for a pop of color.  I had the metal Greek letters on hand to add to the butt for my friend.  She’s not very big and turned out as cute as can be.

Another invitation.

I found this inspiration on Pinterest  ( )and decided that since there were just a handful to make — that I could make them by hand and add some 3D embellishments to them.

Chandler invite

I made the panda shapes with Silhouette Design Studio.  It’s really a very simple design, only 3 pieces, very easy to put together.  I used a white marker for the eyeball.  I designed and printed the invitation using Microsoft Word.  Then I created the tree using a Cherry Blossom stamp I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  I used brown ink for the stamp and then some cute flowers  in shades of pink for some more pops of color.     I absolutely love how they turned out.

The matching cake from Julies Sweet Shoppe in Conway, Arkansas was not only super to cute….but delicious as well.

Chandler cake

Hello chirpers.

I have been busy but it’s been making gifts.  I’ve been holding out on posting them until I could actually give them.  There are a lot of ideas on Pinterest that use the lyrics to the first dance at the wedding.   I’ve made several different versions and this time went for something totally original.  It’s definitely a 2 Little Redbirds exclusive.  I think it turned out beautiful and classy.

I started by finding out the song for the first dance at my friend, Victoria’s, wedding.  The song is “Let it Be Me” by Ray Lamontagne.  I had never heard this song so it was a first for me.



  • Black Frame 8 x 10
  • Gray – Double Mat 5 x 7
  • Black Card Stock
  • Silver Vinyl
  • Vellum Paper
  • Printer
  • Microsoft Word

First, I put the lyrics to the song into Microsoft Word and played with it a bit until I found the right font and the right size.  I decided to lay it out in the landscape orientation to maximize real estate.  Next, I printed the lyrics onto a piece of vellum. (Hint:  Be careful not to touch the ink until you are sure it’s dry – – smudges are not cute)

Next, I created the monogram using my Silhouette Designer Studio.  I get my fonts from  I used a silver vinyl so that it was easily seen behind the vellum, a little shiny, but not distracting.  I placed in on black card stock so it really stood out.    I placed both in the frame and here’s how it turned out.


IMG_0214 IMG_0213

This was a pretty fun project I did right after I learned how to knit.  I found the pattern for the Sock Monkey Coffee Cozy

on Ravelry.—sock-monkey-cup-cozy

I modified the second one to be a Razorback for all my fellow fans out there.  (Sorry for the crappy picture).

This is a super easy and fun project and a great gift!

This Little Piggy

I was inspired by a cute picture frame I found on Pinterest.  I decided to go ahead and make some for my friends having babies!  I used a wooden picture frame that I got at Michaels and some acrylic paint.  I also used a black paint pen for the outlines.  I hate my handwriting so I went ahead and used my trusty Cameo to cut out the words!!

For some extra pizzazz, and for a little girl, add a bow to the Piggy’s head.  I wish I had a picture of it!

Another birthday party idea.

For my son’s third birthday he wanted to celebrate with Buddy from Dinosaur Train, the PBS series.

Dinosaur train

I started with this cute invitation.  I made the head of Buddy with trusty Cameo.  I downloaded the little train from the Silhouette Cameo store.


I painted Buddy and the Conductor on some poster board so everyone could have their pictures made with the Dinosaur Train characters.

IMG_3179  I used a Wilton cake pan to make the train cake.  I decorated with candy and it was totally fun.  I used a lot of my son’s train toys for additional decorations.


IMG_8725Finally for an activity, I drew various dinosaurs on poster board and colored them in.  I hung them all over our large yard.  I made a Pteranodon Station sign for the front porch and gave everyone tickets.  The kids loaded up into a trailer attached to a UTV…..The Dinosaur Train….and rode all over looking for and finding all the dinosaurs.

It’s amazing what you can do with some paper and some markers to make a great party.  It wasn’t expensive but the kids had a terrific time.

I’ve made multiple versions of this cross-over pinafore that I found on

This one was for a Halloween costume.  I wanted my beautiful red head to be Pebbles but I wanted to put a fun twist on it.

I found a great giraffe print at hobby lobby and made the pinafore.   It was a little chilly here for Halloween, so we wore a long-sleeve brown shirt underneath.  I sewed fake bones to the buttons and made a matching bow.  For a bit more fun, I made a glitter blue tutu to put underneath.  She wore her brown Uggs and Brown leggings to finish it all off!  She was adorable.


Hey chirpers…..I’m gonna go old skool on you and take you back a couple of years to birthday parties of the past.

For my daughters second birthday I went with the Dr. Seuss theme!  Birthday parties don’t have to be expensive…almost everything you see I made or bought at the Dollar Store


I started with some invitations….

I found somIMG_0256e great graphics online and added some embellishments.  The final version had some red glitter on the hat and the bow tie.  Super cute, but kinda messy!

How about that cute shirt…..

I had a IMG_0295friend give me a library book bag to see if I could do something with it!   It was super cute and I was NOT about to let it go to waste!   I decided to make a T-shirt out of it.  I cut out the basic shape, leaving off the whiskers (too thin to cut out).  I appliqué it on the shirt using a very close zig zag stitch.  I used Wonder Under to iron it to the shirt before sewing so it didn’t move.  As a final step I used the tight zigzag stitch to create the whiskers.  They did buckle a little bit, but it’s only because I didn’t use any stabilizer underneath.

Next there were Games and Party favors:

FirsIMG_0729t, the Seuss Hats.  I used red buckets from the dollar aisle and glued a red circle of felt on the bottom and a strip of white felt around the middle.  I filled with dollar store fun stuff.

Next, I drew a Dr. Seuss Cat WITHOUT his HAT on a piece of poster board.  I found some cute little hats at Target and bought a set.  Tie a Red Bow and glue it on and you have  Pin the Hat on the Cat!!


Now for the Food….

Green Eggs of course….deviled by Nana


Thing 1 and Thing 2 CIMG_0726upcakes….Red Velvet with butter cream frosting and blue cotton candy.  (NOTE:  Don’t put the cotton candy on until the VERY last minute, it doesn’t hold up well)

A Seuss Hat cake for the birthday girl!!!


IMG_1629And FINALLY, the Lorax cookies!!!  I adore how those turned out.  I used pre-made sugar cookies and stirred in some yellow and stirred in some food coloring until it became Orange.  A little food coloring to some white butter cream and you have eyebrows and a mustache.  A jar of candy eyes and orange jelly bean nose!

For entertainment a good friend (and Kindergarten teacher) was willing to dress up as the Cat in the Hat and read stories to the kids.  Instead of gifts everyone brought books which we donated to Arkansas Children’s Hospital.IMG_1680

This little girl had a great Party!!!!!  Red tutu  and red and white striped leggings made the outfit!


Hey Chirpers!!!

Here’s an easy project you can use for any number of things….teacher appreciation, bow holders, or even for your front door. This is one I made for a brand new teacher for her room at her new school.


All you need:

  • Any size canvas
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Ribbon
  • Vinyl (Optional)
  • Modge Podge (Optional)
  • Crystals (Optional)

I used a pencil and a ruler to draw the borders as square as I can get them.  I then used some Circle templates I have to make the circles….actually circles.  I used my trusty Cameo to cut out the letters as we all know how much I hate my handwriting.  After the paint was completely dry I stuck the vinyl on.  I Modge Podge’d over everything to make sure the vinyl didn’t lift, and finally,  I used some crystals as embellishment around the circles and around the border just for some added pizzazz.