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Hello chirpers! I know it’s been awhile…a LONG while. I have been remiss in posting to 2littleredbirds, but no worries I’ve still been working on projects! I can’t seem to give up my passion for creating things! I have spent a lot of time crocheting and knitting in the past year and the next posts will reflect that. I recently completed another baby gift for a friend. She’s having a little girl.

As per my usual attention deficit I experimented with new stitches and a style of border.

I used the following materials:    

  • Crochet Hook I (5.5 MM)
  • 4 skeins Caron Super Soft in Taupe
  • 4 skeins Caron Super Soft in Neon Coral

I found the best price and the colors at Wal-Mart. I don’t usually shop there, but I must say I love the Neon Coral – not quite Pink but not quite Orange. The Caron Super Soft is perfect for baby blankets.

I found my inspiration on Pinterest as always. I went with the Crunch Stitch that I found here:

It really goes quickly and looks great. I used double-stranded yarn for a thicker, bulkier look. I chose to color block the brown and the coral (you know I love a color block ) with the brown on the top and the bottom. Since I chose to color block I wanted a fun new border that incorporated both colors and I found this one:

Criss-Cross Edging – it looks twisted and I love the way it turned out!

I used this video to learn how:



Hey Chirpers.

I know it’s been a while.  But here I am back with the Valentine’s day projects I made for the kids.

Everyone knows my love for Pinterest, but some of you might not know my love for Asian food.

This year I went with the Fortune cookies.  They were soooo easy to make, I was suprised.  These are from the Martha Stewart Show:

It was really easy as pie.  Simple ingredients:

Felt, wire cutters, floral wire, ribbon, glue and a message

I went with the pink and the red and just a simple little message.  Happy Valentines Day from Little Red or Big Red as applicable 🙂  I did do colored ink just for fun.



For the class snack, I went with the chocolate covered strawberries.  I love this snack because it takes all of about 15 minutes to make.

All you need is meltable chocolate, strawberries and a microwave.

First I clean the strawberries, leaving the tops on.

Slowly melt the chocolate in the microwave following instructions.

HINT:  If you chocolate doesn’t get thin enough…add Crisco.  This thins in out, but also allows the chocolate to harden back up.  It won’t re-harden with oil or milk.

Then I just dip and let dry.

Fast, easy and delicious.  MUCH cheaper than purchasing them in the store.

If you’re so inclined, add drizzles of white or pink chocolate for a more fancy look.



Until next time….OXOX