After my junior year in college I transferred to the University of Central Arkansas where I finished my degree.  It was closer to home and a good school.  The advisors there really helped me in figuring out what I wanted to do.  That being said I am a Sugar Bear and an alumni of UCA.  I was excited to learn that this year a cousin of mine decided to transfer to UCA to play football!  Now I’m a huge Razorback fan from my time spent at the U of A and I haven’t attended very many UCA football games in my lifetime, in fact I can probably count them on one hand.  So now that I have a good reason to go, I’m going to head to their home opener this weekend with the rest of my family to cheer on my cousin and the Bears!  In his honor, I made his parents a door hanger for them to take home — since in Oklahoma they don’t have much Central Arkansas gear.  I hand – painted the Bear face on a small birch pallet with acrylic.  I used several shades of grey starting with a pretty dark slate grey as the base. I layered the different colors and used different shades for some depth.  I also dry brushed with a black to give it a more worn feel.

IMG_8278 2