Hey chirpers…..I’m gonna go old skool on you and take you back a couple of years to birthday parties of the past.

For my daughters second birthday I went with the Dr. Seuss theme!  Birthday parties don’t have to be expensive…almost everything you see I made or bought at the Dollar Store


I started with some invitations….

I found somIMG_0256e great graphics online and added some embellishments.  The final version had some red glitter on the hat and the bow tie.  Super cute, but kinda messy!

How about that cute shirt…..

I had a IMG_0295friend give me a library book bag to see if I could do something with it!   It was super cute and I was NOT about to let it go to waste!   I decided to make a T-shirt out of it.  I cut out the basic shape, leaving off the whiskers (too thin to cut out).  I appliqué it on the shirt using a very close zig zag stitch.  I used Wonder Under to iron it to the shirt before sewing so it didn’t move.  As a final step I used the tight zigzag stitch to create the whiskers.  They did buckle a little bit, but it’s only because I didn’t use any stabilizer underneath.

Next there were Games and Party favors:

FirsIMG_0729t, the Seuss Hats.  I used red buckets from the dollar aisle and glued a red circle of felt on the bottom and a strip of white felt around the middle.  I filled with dollar store fun stuff.

Next, I drew a Dr. Seuss Cat WITHOUT his HAT on a piece of poster board.  I found some cute little hats at Target and bought a set.  Tie a Red Bow and glue it on and you have  Pin the Hat on the Cat!!


Now for the Food….

Green Eggs of course….deviled by Nana


Thing 1 and Thing 2 CIMG_0726upcakes….Red Velvet with butter cream frosting and blue cotton candy.  (NOTE:  Don’t put the cotton candy on until the VERY last minute, it doesn’t hold up well)

A Seuss Hat cake for the birthday girl!!!


IMG_1629And FINALLY, the Lorax cookies!!!  I adore how those turned out.  I used pre-made sugar cookies and stirred in some yellow and stirred in some food coloring until it became Orange.  A little food coloring to some white butter cream and you have eyebrows and a mustache.  A jar of candy eyes and orange jelly bean nose!

For entertainment a good friend (and Kindergarten teacher) was willing to dress up as the Cat in the Hat and read stories to the kids.  Instead of gifts everyone brought books which we donated to Arkansas Children’s Hospital.IMG_1680

This little girl had a great Party!!!!!  Red tutu  and red and white striped leggings made the outfit!