Hello Chirpers!

I’m always looking for unique and fun things to do for my child’s teachers.  I mean how many coffee cups or pencil holders does a teacher really need?? Well my child goes to a Catholic school and we have truly been blessed with amazing teachers. I made this gift last year and forgot to take a picture of it to post here —  so while I was there for the Mother’s Day celebration today I snapped a quick pic.  I love that she has it hanging up in her classroom!!!



  • Canvas
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Ribbon
  • Modge Podge
  • Vinyl

I cut out the words with my amazing Silhouette Cameo in Vinyl — but you could easily just write them or paint them.  I HATE my handwriting so I prefer the abundant number of fonts on my computer.  If you can find a font you like there — I WHOLLY recommend using www.dafont.com.  They have so many free fonts to use, I could spend hours looking and downloading them.  After painting the children and applying the vinyl I sealed it all with my trusty Modge Podge.  (I have seen several recipes for making your own — I might try this at some point given the amount I use, but I haven’t yet.  Feel free to let me know your thoughts if you’ve tried). Make sure you paint and let dry well before applying the vinyl.  Do as many circles as you like in as many colors, or use another shape and school colors. Don’t forget the diversity of your child’s classroom and their friends.  Go crazy with the kids, make them all different colors and shapes and sizes!!!  Celebrate our Differences!!!There are so many options here!  Finally, I stapled on the cute ribbon in School Colors for hanging.

Hope you enjoy!