Chirpers —

As you’ve all probably guessed already –  I love some decorative crosses.  I have a whole wall of them in my house.  I finally broke down and created a new board on Pinterest — Crosses to capture all my inspirations.

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I found an inspiration picture and wanted to try it out — a more rustic one…. It had glass flat bottom marbles and pebbles.

I searched on the interwebs on how to make it happen, I found this great tutorial:

Here’s how mine turned out:



  • 2 unfinished wood crosses  Hint:  GO BIG
  • Decorative Cross
  • Hammered Bronze Spray paint
  • Pebbles
  • Flat Bottom Marbles
  • Power Grip
  • Stucco
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Sponge Brush

First I spray painted the unfinished crosses a base color — hammered bronze.  Then I used the stucco that I bought at and mixed it with some acrylic paint to give it some color.  I just used a brown color and mixed it until I liked the color and felt like it matched the pebbles pretty well.  In the example, they painted over the stucco when it was too wet — but I liked mixing it with the paint first.  I dabbed in onto the cross with a sponge brush.  It takes about half of the container.


I placed the 2nd smaller cross right into the stucco.  I placed the pebbles and the glass right into the stucco — you have to make sure you have enough so that the pebbles and the stones sit right down into the stucco. Don’t worry if the stucco gets on the pebbles or the glass — be careful, but when it’s dry it can be easily scraped off.

WARNING:  Watch the thickness of the stucco on the edges, because if it’s not thick enough the pebbles will fall off

Don’t worry if things hang off the edges a little bit.  I let everything dry for over 24 hours.

Finally – I placed the decorative cross on the top using the Power Grip.

WARNING:  This sucker is heavy, but totally worth it

After everything was dry — I cleaned it all up with Windex!