I have been going to First Monday in Canton, Texas at least once a year with my dad.  Great place to buy fun things and get new ideas.  Last year I got a couple of wooden crosses to paint but also found some amazing metal flowers.   I finally put the cross together this weekend for an auction for Arkansas Children’s Hospitals’s Circle of Friends.

The large cross is used a faux leather finish on and amazingly enough – -actually looks like leather.  It’s a 2 step process.  First you spray paint the base coat with a redish (almost rust color) base paint.  It’s very matte and almost rough.  Next you sponge brush on a dark brown paint/stain.   Immediately you press crinkled up saran wrap on top of the wet paint, slide it slightly with your hands to smudge and then pull it off quickly in one move.  It really ends up looking like Leather.


The top wooden cross was also a 2 part process.  I used a really dark brown base coat and then covered it with a teal color that complimented the roses.  After everything was dry I rubbed it lightly with some sand paper to give it some attitude and texture.

Next I screwed the iron cross into the middle of the smaller cross and screwed all 3 together.  Finally I put a small flower in the middle of the iron cross to hide the screw – by screwing it on as well – -hiding the screw down in the petals.  I used 2 additional metal roses a large one and a smaller one on the corner.

I found the flowers online as well at this site:


You can also find the wooden unpainted crosses here:



The cross did really well at the auction and I love how it turned out!!!!!  I can’t wait to get some more roses and maybe make another one 🙂