I always find myself trying to find my tools or running out of what I need, especially when I’m using knitting markers. If you saw my craft room you’d understand.

It really all started when I was doing a lot of sewing and cutting out patterns. I detest pinning patterns and my grandmother showed me these awesome pattern weights.

They are great and all — but I didn’t have them — so my dad suggested I just use some large nuts (you know nuts and bolts…not peanuts or walnuts). It was BRILLIANT! I went out to his garage and gathered up a few in various sizes that work on all different sized patterns. I especially love using them when I’m doing large patterns that would require a lot of pinning. Smaller patterns can be more tricky and I tend to still pin.


Recently I have been working on a large blanket for a friend and found myself needing more stitch markers then I actually have — once again Dad came to the rescue. He has all these jars of nuts and bolts and washers in his garage and in no time flat I had 20 washers the perfect size to fit over my large knitting needles without having to go to the store.

These are actually more cost effective then some of the fancier tools that you can by in your fabric and craft stores. Washers, I can actually buy for cents by the pound….who needs POUNDS?????!!!!???


It’s amazing what you can use if you just think outside of the box.