Years ago my great aunt made me an easter basket. It was a berry basket with the cutest head and feet made out of chenille stalks. It was so cute. When I had my kids I wanted to make the custom easter baskets and used my childhood basket as inspiration. Mine was white, which I think is totally cute for a little girl, but for a boy? I found some brown chenille for my sons! I think they turned out super cute and I reuse them every year. I pop the heads off and store them inside the baskets in the closet and then reattach each Easter.


  • Basket
  • Styrofoam Ball
  • Large Googly Eyes
  • Chenille stalks (White, Pink, Brown)
  • Pompoms (White, Pink, Brown) — nose, tail, cheeks
  • Wooden letters – for name
  • Hot Glue
  • Large Popsicle Stick

Basically I cut a large groove in the styrofoam ball so that it fits on the edge of basket. I also stuck a thick popsicle stick in the styrofoam and that is what I use to attach to the inside of the basket to keep the head on. Then I covered the head with White(brown) chenillestalks which I attached with a glue gun. I create the ears, using Pink chenille for the insides. I used 2 white (brown) pompoms for the cheeks and 2 pink ones, nose and mouth. Then I glued on large googly eyes.

Around the basket I wrapped the chenille stalks on for arms and legs and attached a large pom pom at the back for a tail.
I hand-painted the letters to resemble easter egg designs and attached with a glue gun.