Since football season starts tomorrow for my beloved Hogs I thought I’d share with you a couple of the amigurumi Hogs I’ve made.

Now you really can’t find patterns for Razorbacks, BUT you can find lots and lots and lots of different styles of pigs.  So what did I do???? I transformed them into ARKANSAS  Razorbacks!!!

Here is the first inspiration:

I love his fat little body and his short stubby legs

.Image  I added the tusks and for my friend Stephanie and sewed a little white rose on his butt to symbolize the sisterhood that we share!

Next I went BIG….well actually little.  I’m fascinated by how small people make things.  So I transformed this micro pig.

Now mine is not as small as hers as I used #5 Pearl cotton — but he IS little.

Image I LOVE him.  I think he’s one of my favorites of all time!

Next I went with the Little Bigfoot style:

I love his big feet and floppy ears.  Mine needs tusks…I need to get on that.


Which one do you like the best?