A couple of things.  

First — I am not pleased with how Project Chocolate Cake is progressing.  I just can’t get into it and I’m not feeling it.   I have another idea — so I’m going to restart and see where it  takes me.  Who knows I might end up back where I started!

Second — After we lost Jeff, we were going through some of his things…..like my husband, Jeff was a big fan of graphic T’s.  We were looking through them at my in-laws and they just made me smile.  They are very “Robinson” — so while discussing what to do with them, I offered to bring them home and make a quilt from them.

Now I’ve never made a t-shirt quilt before, but I have one, and I’ve watched others make them, and I can sew….so now I have a whole pile of graphic T’s in my craft room, a child’s GI Joe sheet that I KNOW I can work in and I’ve started the plan for the quilt.  Now I suggested that I make this for my SIL — but MIL said she wanted to see it first…some how I bet SIL doesn’t get to keep the quilt.

Jeff lived with us for a while and I really got to know him pretty well.  I wanted him to be successful in life and get the things he wanted.  Little did I know at that time what I thought he should want and what God wanted for him…were very different things.  I learned a lot of things from Jeffery, I’m just sorry I didn’t realize it until after he was gone. Maybe that was God telling ME I should pay more attention to what HE wants instead of what I want.  I loved Jeff and in the past days I’ve thought of his smile many times and cried when I realized I won’t see it again here on Earth.  I think making this quilt will help me preserve the memory of him and bring joy to the rest of my extended family.  I also hope it will help me with my grieving and healing process.  I’m not always as tough as I look.