I often make my own invitations for my kid’s birthday parties and friends and family get-togethers. Basically I hate my hand-writing so I don’t like handwritten invites and if I’m going to print them out on my printer I just can’t resist embellishing them. I have so many different papers and embellishments in my craft room I can usually throw something pretty cute together with just what I have on hand.

G’s mom recently moved into a new home after almost 30 years. She’s pretty excited and wants to have a Housewarming party and a blessing by her priest at her new home. She asked me to make invites for her. These I threw together and I think they came out pretty cute.


For the base of the card I just used a 5 x 7 white cardstock. I used my Cameo to cut out the house outlines and the heart at the top. The graphics I created from scratch and didn’t purchase from Silhouette.

I used matte grey for the bottom house, a textured purple/lavender for the top house and some really cute patterned red paper for the heart. I printed the invites with my inkjet printer using purple ink.  On the backs of the cardstock I printed out my 2 Little Red Birds logo.

Note:   I blanked out the personal information for privacy

Trying to implement my newly created brand, I wrapped them up cute with a purple ribbon and a 2 Little Red Birds tag

Invite 1

Lemme know what you think.