Recently a friend of mine from Circle of Friends found out she was having twins!  How exciting is that???   On top of it all, they are identical twin girls!

SIDE NOTE:  What is Circle of Friends, you ask??  Circle of Friends is an auxiliary organization of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Foundation.  We raise money for the hospital and choose what that money supports.  The bulk of our money right now is going to pay off our obligation to the new Circle of Friends Hematology/Oncology Clinic built as part of the South Wing expansion.  I am a huge supporter of Circle of Friends and ACH.  I feel so blessed to have such an esteemed facility so close by for my children, the children of the state of Arkansas and the children that come from far and wide to get services.  If you want to know more about COF and how you can get involved…REACH OUT TO ME!!!!

2 years ago, right before the birth of Little Red, another friend of mine gave birth to identical twin boys!  She bought these cute little hats from Etsy for them to wear in their new-born pictures.  Little pear hats, for her “Perfect Pair”.


Aren’t they the sweetest things???  Well when I found out my friend was having identical twin girls, I KNEW what I had to make for her — Pear photo props.

This was my first stab at creating my very own original knitting project and pattern.  I think they turned out so cute.


I added the little pear blossom flowers since they are going to be beautiful little girls.


  • Size 8 DPN
  • Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice – Seaspray Mist – 2 skeins
  • I Love This Yarn – Chartreuse Green, Brown, and White
  • 6 Shades of Pink embroidery thread
  • 4 Sew Ology flower shaped buttons in White
  • Size F Crochet Hook

(I bought all of the supplies for this project at Hobby Lobby)

I can’t wait to see these little girls in their pear hats.  I hope they love them as much I did making them for them!

The Hats are my own original pattern – please do not copy without linking to my site or sell this pattern.


Using Seaspray Mist

  • CO 60, 20 on each DPN, join in the round

Note:  When working in the round, remember not to twist your project!!

  • 1 – 6         K2P2 (60) – this makes the 1″ ribbed brim
  • 7-20         K(60)
  • 21            (K1,K2tog) (40)
  • 22 – 25     K (40)
  • 26           (K1, K2tog) (26)
  • 27-30      K (26)
  • 31           (K1,K2tog) (18)
  • 32 – 34    K (18)
  • 35           (K1,K2tog) (12)
  • 36 – 39    K (12)
  • 40           (K1,K2tog) (8)
  • 41           K (8)

Finish off by running yarn back through 8 stitches and pull tight


  • Using Brown
  • Knit an I-cord for 10 rows.
  • Fasten to Pear with tip down inside hole at the top of the pear.


I used the 2 minute Leaf- free pattern found here:

Using Size F Crochet Hook and Chartreuse

  • CH 6
  • SL ST 2nd Chain from hook
  • SC in next chain
  • HDC in next chain
  • DC in next chain
  • 4 DC in next chain
  • Turn slightly, add add’l 3 DC (7 in total)
  • DC in next chain
  • HDC in next chain
  • SC in next chain
  • SL ST in next chain
  • Fasten off


These are designed to look like Pear Blossoms.

I modified the “A Tiny Flower” – A free pattern found here:

Using Size F Crochet Hook and White

  • Magic Ring – 5 SC in ring
  • Join last SC to 1st stitch in the ring
  • Round 1:  CH 2, SL ST in 1st SC

CH 2 in next SC and repeat around

Join with SL ST (6 chain spaces)

  • Round 2: 1 SL ST, 1 CH, 3 DC, 1 CH, 1 SC  in each chain space

Join with SL ST

  • Embellish with 5 french knots in shades of pink in each flower

Diaper Cover

Using size F Crochet Hook and Seaspray Mist

  • Row 1:                 CH 45
  • Row 2:                 SC in 2nd stitch from the hook, SC all the way across
  • Row 3:                 CH 2, turn, DC across
  • Row 4:                 CH 1, turn SC across
  • Row 5:                 Turn, SL ST next 10 stitches, CH 2, DC next, DC(23), leave rest unworked
  • Row 6:                 CH 2, turn, DC2tog, DC 20, DC2tog
  • Row 7:                 CH 2, turn, DC2tog, DC 18, DC2tog
  • Row 8:                 CH 2, turn, DC2tog, DC16, DC2tog
  • Row 9:                 CH 2, turn, DC2tog, DC 14, DC2tog
  • Row 10:               CH 2, turn, DC2tog, DC 12, DC2tog
  • Row 11:               CH 2, turn, DC2tog, DC 10, DC2tog
  • Row 12 – 19:       CH 2, turn, DC across
  • Finish:                 CH 1, SC around outside
  • Fasten Off
  • Add 2 flower buttons to each diaper cover for fastening