This weekend was full of both HIGHS and LOWS.  A Kappa Delta sister and friend laid to rest her beautiful little 5-year-old son after an almost 3 year battle with cancer.  He developed a secondary cancer a few months ago and after his COURAGEOUS fight, lost his battle last Thursday.  I didn’t ever get the chace to meet this little boy  and I had lost touch with his mother over the years, but I followed the fight on and on his Facebook page that his momma kept up.  Their courage, strength and faith deeply touched my soul.  His mother is one of the strongest people I have EVER had the privilege to know.  She and her son touched SO MANY, I feel blessed be one of them.  I know she is going through a very difficult time right now, not just the loss of her only child.  Please pray for my friend, for her strength and for her comfort.  Please pray that she turns to her faith in God and he helps her accept that which she will NEVER understand.

For some reason all of that reminds me of the lyrics to SemiSonic’s “Closing Time” — appropriate or not.  You might not have ever heard this song, or you might remember it from the JT movie “Friends with Benefits” — but this set of lyrics has spoken to me this week —

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end”

As the tragedy and the sadness of the loss of a child broke my heart, another set of friends, including Little Red’s GodFather, shared the joy of their expectant bundle joy at a reveal party on Sunday.  Their doctor wrote the sex of the baby on a piece of paper instead of telling them at the last appointment.  They took the paper to a bakery and had a cake made with either Blue or Pink on the inside.  At the party on Sunday they cut into the cake to find out the sex of their baby at the same time as family friends.  FUN FUN FUN.  Now Little Red’s Godfather is quite the character.  Everyone who knows him knows he comes by it naturally as you will see by the story I’m about to share.

Godfather’s mom, who lives across the country, contacted my mom earlier in the week to hatch a plan.  She suggested a DUPLICATE cake without the pink or blue filling!  My mom, AMAZINGLY, pulled off the getting the duplicate cake made.  When the cake arrived, we were slick and swapped the 2 quickly in the house.  Everyone gathered around for the revealing, there were 3 phones hooked up on FaceTime so Godfather’s brother, sisters and mom could share in the excitement and LOW AND BEHOLD when they cut into the cake….it was Chocolate!!!  WHERE WAS THE PINK OR BLUE???   It was hysterical…..Godfather’s wife MUTILATED the cake, thinking that the color might be in the center!  Their faces were priceless!!!!!  Soon wife tried to snatch up the piece of paper with the sex of the baby written on it because she thought the bakery had made a horrible mistake.  We intercepted the paper as the REAL cake was being brought out of the house.  The real cake was cut and they are having a baby BOY!!!!  Everyone laughed and clapped and Godfather’s mom reveled in her prank!

The sadness and loss of one child and the blessing and joy of a new child all in one week.

Please pray for my friends!