I have been fascinated by the Lily and Laura glass bead crochet bracelets for a while (  http://www.lilyandlaura.com/index.html ) I think the story about the Nepali women who crochet these to support their families is amazing!  Do you k now that they can crochet 6 bracelets a DAY??? WOW!!!! These women are truly artists.

Given my new found crochet skills and my “I can do that attitude” and the fact that I have large wrists – I tried my hand at crocheting some stacking bracelets similar to the ones sold by Lily and Laura. (with the help of YouTube of COURSE!)

Overall it went pretty well. Obviously I can’t crochet 6 bracelets in a day, but I was pleasantly surprised at how fast these worked up.  In my spare time I could easily knock out 1 a day.   I made 2 random, 1 striped and 1 swirl bracelet.

Crochet Bracelts

I used #5 White Perl Cotton, a Boye Steel crochet hook #6 and 6mm glass beads.  The recommendation was to use 8mm beads, but I already had some 10mm and 6mm on hand the 10’s were too big to achieve a similar look to Lily and Laura.  I used a bead needle to string the beads onto the thread and then wound my thread onto one of my Kumihimo spools for ease of transport. I also didn’t always pre-string enough beads, so with the spool, it was pretty easy to unwind and go back and add beads.  To make a bracelet my size, it takes about 660 beads (give or take). Don’t worry if you get the bead pattern wrong, they are glass beads and easy enough to break off if you get them out of order. (I just used by teeth, don’t tell my dentist!) I would also like to use a stronger sewing type thread as the cotton is not as strong as I would like.

I found this site to be super helpful:   http://forum.ojewelry.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6 and this video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blMvjVapgV0

I hope to make some more a bit more custom and include Initial charms or sports charms (read RAZORBACK!!!)