I found this website on Pinterest and LOVED the Chevron pattern – so this was the jumping off point for my projects! (I might have gone a “bit” overboard”


I went with a Red, not bright red, but a more muted red, navy blue and white from Caron Super Soft. I think it turned out beautiful and super soft. There are a few errors – but hey, I’m a beginner! (Since my friend doesn’t knit, I bet she didn’t even notice!!! 🙂 )


After the blanket was complete, I just couldn’t stop there — My friend takes FABOULOUS pictures, so my immediate thought was PHOTO PROPS!!!! I found the cutest Stars and Stripes diaper cover on Ravelry that was the inspiration for the diaper cover I made. Admittedly I’m pretty cheap, so I looked for a free pattern to use. Obviously it’s not an exact replica – but I wanted to give credit to the inspiration as well!


connor photo props

I went with this free pattern I found on Pinterest, but did use the White Star buttons.


Then I found this CUTE free double pom hat on Ravelry to go with it — I left off the ear flaps and just made the hat. I kept the same color theme throughout and used the same yarn. The hat doesn’t have any white in it – but I think the white stars were the PERFECT accent on the diaper cover!


Then….I took it ONE more step and found the cutest baby toy on Ravelry — so I made that TOO!!!! (I told you I have an addiction)

Baby Toy


This is really cool and I plan to make them again. You put jingle bells in there and stuff them. It’s REALLY safe – those jingle bells are NOT coming out!

connor giraffe

and then FINALLY – a while ago I purchased another pattern from Etsy – an amigurumi Giraffe


I went with an off white and used a verigated red,white,blue yarn for the contrasting features!

Sometimes I feel a bit cheap since I didn’t actually BUY a gift, but I’m so proud of these items – I spent so much time and thought on these and I know my friend really appreciated them. I was really inspired by my friend, her husband and the idea of an Independence Day baby!!!